It’s a Girl!!!

First, let me apologize for not having posted “tomorrow” as I said I would.  I wanted a dog.  David agreed it would be a good idea, but I wanted to get a dog before I wrote again.

We adopted a beautiful puppy (3 months old) from a no-kill shelter.  Her mother is a hound/mix (I erroneously told some people that she was a lab/mix earlier).  Her father is unknown.  She is copper-colored and her eyes are gold.  We named her Duchess.

She has us wrapped around her little pinkie (toe).  We love her, but we are very, very tired.  I am, therefore, going to take a nap as Duchess writes her first post.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you…(drum roll) Duchess.

Hi, everybody!  I am Duchess.  My Mommy and Daddy rescued me from the scary shelter where I had to lay on a cement floor.  The volunteers and staff were great, but I knew I didn’t belong to them.

When my Mommy and Daddy came to the shelter, I was so happy.  I knew they would be my forever family, but I was unable to show my excitement because I was tired.  I had surgery 3 days before and it was hard to sleep because the other dogs were always barking.  They are very smart though and knew they were supposed to be my parents.

Once we got home, there were so many things to learn.  I had never been house-broken, but was very eager to learn.  I have only had one accident and it was totally Mommy’s fault.  She put a ‘puppy pad’ on the bathroom floor so we can potty together.  One night, Mommy got up in the middle of the night to potty and thought I was still sleeping  She closed the bathroom door so I peed on the floor right outside the bathroom door.  She didn’t get mad because she knew I was trying very hard to get to the puppy pad.

I have been training them well.  I noticed there were several shoes under the coffee table.  Since I am the smallest, I knew these were mine.  Mommy now puts all of my shoes in a place she calls her ‘closet’.  This makes Daddy very happy.  Mommy weighed today and found that she has lost 5 1/2 pounds since they adopted me.  This makes Mommy very happy.

I came up with a new game I call ‘Polar Bear’.  You know how a polar bear will raise his front paws then slam them down to break ice?  I can do that in my water bowl.  It is so much fun!!!  I then run back and forth through the living room really quickly.  This helps Mommy keep the floor clean as she wipes up the water again and again.  Win-Win!

Daddy got a new job.  Although he is one of the bosses, it is physically demanding.  No matter how tired he is, when it is time to go to bed, he enjoys my last-minute burst of energy.  Mommy and Daddy both play a game where they pretend they want me to sleep at the foot of the bed.  As soon as the light is turned off, I go to the head of the bed and turn sideways so I can take up as much mattress real estate as each of them.  Loads of fun is being had at The Y-O Homestead!!!

Mommy will try to be better about updating y’all on our shenanigans, but if she is falling asleep on the job again, I will take over for her.


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