Silence is Golden…Except When You Have a Puppy

When you have a puppy, silence is very, very  suspicious.

I’ve not only been missing sleep, I’ve also been sick so I’m gonna take a nap while Duchess takes Blog Duty again.

Duchess here!  The fun is never-ending at the Y-O Homestead.  I have learned many new things.  Sometimes Mommy is confusing.  Just the other day, she told me, “No!” when I was saving her iPad from the evil white snake that was biting it.  She must have been upset that I hadn’t bitten it completely in two.  I will try better next time.  I found humor in the white snake being named “Apple”.  Its name was clearly written on its square tail.

Mommy can also be silly.  I was trying to scratch my ear with my hind leg when I noticed another puppy’s paw so I bit it.  It was MY paw and it hurt!  Mommy must have thought I was doing a trick because she “blessed my heart” and called me a “Bonehead”.  I’m not sure what that means, but it must be something special because she used it again when I rolled over and slid off the side of the love seat.  She thought these were new tricks I had learned.

Mommy and Daddy are thrilled that I have learned how to get on and off the bed all by myself.  Because I want Mommy to continue feeling needed, I will wait until she gets settled in bed then go to her side (on the floor) and whimper until she picks me up.  I also make her feel needed when we are sitting together in the living room.  Instead of hopping down on my side, I will step across her, digging my toenails into her legs as I jump over the arm of the love seat.  Daddy says I look like I’m flying when I do this.

The other day I was given a reward and I hadn’t even done anything special.  Mommy gave me a pair of her sandals.  She wanted the present to be a surprise so she left them under the coffee table.  They were delicious!  Daddy said something about not giving Mommy any sympathy.  Somebody must have died and they didn’t tell me so I wouldn’t be sad.

Mommy and Daddy took me out-of-town last weekend.  Mommy was going to National Scrapbook Day.  Daddy went along to keep an eye on me.  We visited Mommy a few times and all the ladies told me how pretty I am.  Mommy has smart friends!  Daddy let me take a shower (there was no bathtub and I had gotten dirty).

Mommy has another pet, but he isn’t as special as me.  His name is Trigger and he has to sleep in the garage.  Mommy wants me to enjoy my time with Trigger, but I don’t.  I get scared that I am being taken somewhere to be “dumped” again.  When we got home Sunday, i was so happy!

While Daddy has to go away everyday to a place called “work”, Mommy stays home with me.  Daddy makes money to buy things like dog food, dog treats, dog toys and other necessities.  Mommy doesn’t make money taking care of me, Daddy, and the house, but she still gets money.  It’s called “alimony”.  The Late Great Robin Williams says, “They should have called it ‘all the money’.”  Mommy thinks that’s funny!

Something very bad happened to me before Mommy and Daddy adopted me.  I have nightmares like Mommy does.  Sometimes I yelp and twitch.  Even though I haven’t told Mommy what happened, she is doing her best to make me feel secure.

Mommy said to tell y’all that she will write again soon, but I am enjoying myself so much that I might change her password and take over her blog for a little while.  Please keep reading and leave a comment to tell Mommy that you are enjoying my fill-in writing.


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