Mommy and Daddy Sitting in a Tree…

Duchess here and we’ve got some exciting news at the Y-O Homestead.  My Daddy asked my Mommy to marry him and she said yes!!!  My Uncle Roger (Mommy’s BFF) is going to fix the tagline for her and then it will be official.

I’ve been helping Mommy around the house a lot.  She calls it ‘running her ragged’.   She continues to lose weight, which makes her happy.  I continue to eat her shoes, which makes her unhappy.  Daddy continues to tell her that she needs to keep her closet door closed, which also makes her unhappy.

Since I’m still a baby, I am teething.  I’ve found many things to chew on including a roll of bathroom tissue, a hairbrush, a few tiny pieces of Mommy’s scrapbook supplies, the leg of Mommy’s favorite chair and anything else I can reach…EXCEPT all the chew toys that Mommy and Daddy bought for me.  The other things are much more tasty.

My parents have been trying to teach me new tricks.  Mommy taught me how to sit.  Daddy is working on my leash training.  I taught myself how to dig!  I have made two GIANT holes in the backyard so far.

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  My parents took me to meet some of my Grandparents.  They have a lot of land.  They also have a lot of cows!  I ran around for a long time and saw many new things.  My favorite things were the giant piles of poo that were hard like rocks, but I managed to find a soft, green one, which I stepped in.  Daddy was so proud of me because we were on 110 acres and I was still able to find it!

I fell asleep on the way home, but woke up in time to vomit in the car before we got home.  We had so much fun!  I’m sure Mommy and Daddy are eager to take me on another road trip soon.


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