Timing is Everything

About 15 years ago, my sister called me one evening.  She had been looking for some old songs that she hadn’t heard in a quite some time.  She had records or tapes of them way back when, but those were long gone.  Internet shopping was still relatively new, but she had found a music website that not only had two of the songs she was looking for, but they were both on the same tape.  Yes, tapes were still available back then.  I recognized the name of the website and knew I had a coupon code for that site so I asked if she had completed the sale.  She hadn’t.  I told her I would look it up and email it to her.  It was random characters and I thought it would be easier to copy/paste the code.  I hung up, found the code then sent her an email.  Having also really liked those two songs, I went to the site, quickly found the tape and ordered it for myself.

A few minutes later, my phone rang again.  It was my sister.  When she tried to complete the sale, it had given her a “no longer in stock” message.  As she went on about what the odds might be that somebody else would be buying that exact tape at that exact time, I ‘fessed up that it was me.  Upset doesn’t even begin to describe how she felt and she wanted to make sure I knew it.  I offered to send it to her when it arrived, which I did, AFTER re-recording those two songs.

Being from Georgia, I have a small collection of peanut items.  It’s kinda funny since I am allergic to the actual food, but I like their appearance so when I see something interesting, I’ll get it.  While shopping online many years ago, I found a Terracotta ‘box’ that was shaped like a peanut.  It came with another that was shaped like a walnut, but the price was low enough that I still bought it.

When it arrived, it was perfect!  I kept it in the living room because I was living in Nebraska at the time and I felt like it was a little reminder of “home”.  About a year after getting it, it was broken.  Why couldn’t it have been the walnut???  I tried to go back to that website, but it had closed.  Over the years since, I have tried to find a replacement, but have had no luck.

About a week ago, I was killing time on Pinterest and saw a unique trash bin.  It looks like a Chinese takeout container, but it’s plastic.  I love ‘different’ items so I clicked on the link to see from where it came.  It took me to the website for American Science and Surplus (sciplus.com).  I had shopped with them before, having first heard about them on Mythbusters.  They have bizarre things like Astronaut ice cream, Tyvek jumpsuits and, of course, the plastic Chinese takeout box trash bin.

I located the trash bin and noticed they were offering free shipping with a $68 purchase.  As far as I knew, they have never offered free shipping and since I was ‘only’ $61.05 away, I figured I’d look around.  One of the categories I clicked on was “containers”.  As I scrolled through boring and lame items, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There was the Terracotta walnut that I had.  I clicked on it.  They called them ‘nut cases’ (they use humor in their descriptions).  They had many different nuts available, including the peanut!  They were 3/$2, but they didn’t let you choose which ones you got.  I ordered 3 sets, just to be sure.  I then found several other items that I did need and placed my order, getting free shipping.  Yay, me!

Today, I got an email from PayPal.  I had used them to pay for my order.  They were letting me know that $6 was being refunded to me from American Science and Surplus.  My heart sank.  Six dollars is the total of the nut cases!  I tried to think if there was another item that was $6, but I wasn’t coming up with anything.  I went to their site and confirmed that the nut cases were sold out.  I am not on speaking terms with my sister, but I wondered if she had bought the nut cases while I was looking for enough items to get free shipping…

I couldn’t give up though.  This was the closest I had gotten to the peanut box in probably 15 years!  I saw their phone number so I called them.  I thought maybe they had one left, but since they were selling them in sets of 3, they had to remove it from the site.  The lady on the phone confirmed that unfortunately, they were all gone.  She said that she’d be happy to check store stock though.  Excuse me?  I had no idea they had stores!  Yep, THREE LOCATIONS!  And they were only charging a dime each!  I told her that I would take 25, trying to make sure I’d get a peanut.  She found a store that had 25, but couldn’t tell which kind.  I asked if they could send them to me.  She said they could.  I was back on cloud nine!

And then she called me back.  She had contacted the stores individually.  None of them had a peanut box.  Not even one!  Sigh…

I will continue my search for the peanut box because I refuse to believe that there isn’t one out there somewhere for me.


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  1. Gina

    I was excited to find the work pants that have been discontinued that I order for Mark on Amazon. Once they came and I verified that they were the right pants, I wanted to order more but Mark said no. Now I’m thinking that I better order them anyway.

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