It’s Fall!!!

Fall is my favorite season.  I love football, crisp air, crunchy leaves, cooler temperatures, apple cider and all the beautiful colors.  Fortunately, I look amazing in orange!  There aren’t many of us who do, which means I am able to find great deals on orange sweaters and purses and socks and whatever else I can find because nobody else has bought them.  This makes getting dressed in the fall more fun for me and that makes me want to go outside more often.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I’m allergic to my own perspiration.  Being outdoors in the Summer is not real fun for me.  Between that and my anxiety disorder, I stay indoors a lot.  By Fall, cabin fever has set in.  I feel more confident in sweaters and jeans than tank tops and shorts.  I do miss sandals and pedicured toes, but I can totally rock a pair of boots.  With the right handbag and accessories, I’m ready for anything.

Today I got a “notice of debt” from the county’s EMS.  It said that I owe them $671.18 for transport to the hospital in June of 2015.  This is actually my second letter from them.  I got the first one in May of this year.  Upon receipt of the first one, I called them to let them know that I had already received a letter from the VA in regards to that hospital visit.  It showed the amount billed (a little over $27K) and the amount paid ($125).  Unlike insurance, I am not responsible for the rest.  They even pointed out that it was against Federal Law to contact me asking for any money.  I hadn’t heard anything again until today.  So, I called AGAIN and repeated everything AGAIN.  The woman was very polite and said that she saw where I had called in May and that they had billed the VA (they previously hadn’t billed them).  The VA DENIED the claim.  I’m not a huge fan of sharing medical stuff, but I will in this case.  I had a TIA (aka “mini-stroke”).  How in the hell did the VA pay the hospital bill, but not pay for the ambulance ride there?  Did they think I should have driven myself to the hospital when I wasn’t even able to hold my right arm still (I have a 6-speed manual transmission)?  And for the record, I called the VA when this happened.  They were the ones who told me to hang up and call 911.  They even called back 10 minutes later to make sure I had called 911.   And now they won’t pay the ambulance bill.  Welcome to my nightmare.  No, I don’t have to pay for my medical coverage, but it’s not because it’s free.  It’s because I already paid for it!  On the rare chance that one of my readers is a Senator or knows one, can y’all take care of this?  Thanks!  The funniest part of that letter was that they told me they could take my tax refund if I don’t pay.  Bwahahahaha!  Good luck with that.  I haven’t gotten a refund in years.  They are now telling me that I need to send them a letter stating the exact things I told them on the phone.  Ugh!

One of my favorite things about Fall is Halloween.  David and I have been doing the “couple thing” for our costumes.  Two years ago he was a devil and I was an angel.  Last year he was Robin Hood and I was Maid Marian.  This year I was thinking I could be Red Riding Hood and he could be The Big, Bad Wolf, but we still haven’t decided for sure.  We do the house up really well, including several 5′ spiders, a zombie coming out of the grown, screaming light-up skulls and a fog machine.  The kids in the neighborhood seem to enjoy it.  I think the full-size candy bars make an impact on them as well.

We are currently preparing ourselves for Hurricane Matthew.  It should hit our area late tonight or very early tomorrow.  Our house is 90 minutes from the coast and not in a flood plain, but we are expecting a ton of rain and possibly power outages.  We have plenty of non-perishable ready-to-eat food, water, WINE (!!!), candles and matches.  I’ve been doing all the laundry and making sure the laptops, iPads and phones are charged.  David got both grill tanks filled and made sure both vehicles had full tanks of gas, just in case.  Not sure what else we can do at this point.  Keep us in your prayers!


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